The private radio museum of the french collector Pierre Lemesle
Welcome in the old radio world ! I started to collect them  more than twenty years ago. Visiting the attics, cellars, the antics dealers, the auctions sales, I gathered more than 200.  During my journeys, I  brought back some of them, from  countries as far as Australia, Argentina, Canada, U.S.A or New Zealand. Many friends gave me the set of their childhood which slept, forgotten in an attic or in a cellar.


My collection is now enough important and I wish to share this passion with others collectors, and I think Internet is the best way .

The old radios on the Web it's the marriage of two generations of technology . Both have, in their time, revolutionized the communication between the men.






A half of my collection is now restored and working. The other half is only cleaned and enough presentable in order to be on the racks of my small museum. They are waiting the hour of resurrection! Then  they will find , the use of word after a half century of silence.


The site is organized according to a heading " Galery"  which makes it possible to reach the whole of the photographs of the collection.

Before beginning your visit, take time to read, at the head of each chapter, a short history of this great technical and human adventure which revolutionized the communication.

If, it is possible, today to see and hear, in real time, events, all around  the world, just by  turning a button with the  finger, we  owe it to the visionaries and to the precursors who at the beginning of the century had enough genius to imagine and carry out the Wireless Telephony which, one day would become the Radio.


I wish you a pleasant visit. All your remarks and suggestions will be welcome. If you find errors or omissions or if you are able to identify a set whose I do not know the mark or the type, do not hesitate to contact me by mail to